Hershey’s Chocolatetown to open in 2020 at Hersheypark

For the first time since 2007, Hersheypark is going to be introducing a new themed region. This region will be the first chocolate/candy themed region in the history of the park: Hershey’s Chocolatetown.

Chocolatetown Logo

This will be a 23 acre expansion, and a $150 million dollar investment in the park – the largest investment in the history of the park. The main entrance will be relocated from its current location to where Tram Circle currently is now. Tram Circle will be moved further north, with a large entrance area below Tram Circle and adjacent to Chocolate World.

A new entrance

This will be the first time that the entrance of the park has moved since 1973. Prior to 1973, the entrance moved once, from the original main entrance at Park Avenue and Park Boulevard to West Derry Road in 1972. The current main entrance opened in 1973.

The main gate will feature the classic Hersheypark pinwheel logo. This will be the first major use of the pinwheel logo since it was effectively retired in 2007.

2016-02-25 - 1972-05-07 The Patriot News (p1)
The original pinwheel logo, from 1972. 
Pinwheel logo light display
The pinwheel logo in 2018.

Attached to the gate will be a year-round restaurant, year-round retail store, and a year-round ice cream parlor and confectionary kitchen. The Kettle Corn stand in Founder’s Way will be relocated outside the main gate. It is unclear if that will also be operating year-round.

The year-round restaurant will be two stories tall, and it will be a full-service, themed restaurant and bar. The second floor patio will be utilizing the patio outside the entrance of the Ice Palace (formerly known as the Hershey Convention Center and the Hershey Museum). More details about the restaurant, retail store, and ice cream parlor and confectionery kitchen, will be unveiled in 2019.

Chocolatetown Restaurant Exterior
The names of the new restaurant, ice cream parlor, and retail store, will be announced at a later date.

Hersheypark Lighthouse

Hershey’s Chocolatetown is effectively replacing old Tudor Square (1973-2013) and Hershey Park Pool (1929-1971). The Lighthouse from the old pool was not seen in the simulation of the Chocolatetown region, but management did say that they hope to save a portion of the Lighthouse – they just haven’t decided on where to place it at this time.

The Lighthouse at Hersheypark – built in 1929 at Hershey Park Pool, the second pool area for Hersheypark (the original being in The Hollow from 1908 to 1928).


When it comes to rides for the new region, the Carrousel will be relocated for the first time since 1972, to a spot just inside the new main gate. It will be adjacent to the Ice Palace building attached to Historic Hersheypark Arena. This is the second time the current Carrousel has been relocated in the park. The park’s previous carousel, which they had from 1912 to 1944, was originally located in the west end of the park, not that farther west to where the Carrousel is being relocated.

The only other ride mentioned in this first announcement was a new roller coaster, which was only identified as Hersheypark’s 15th roller coaster. It will be the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the park. More information on the roller coaster will be announced in 2019.

Based on the layout and look of the ride, the expectation is that the 15th roller coaster will be manufactured by the same company which manufactured Great Bear twenty years ago, Bolliger and Mabillard.

Restaurant Patio View sunset
A view of the relocated Carrousel and Hersheypark’s 15th roller coaster from the patio of Hersheypark’s new restaurant. This patio has been part of the Ice Palace since it was built in 1915.
Patio at the Ice Palace
This is a similar view from the image above – from the Ice Palace Patio in September 2018.


More announcements

The entire development of Hershey’s Chocolatetown will be announced over four more announcements in 2019: January, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Specific dates of when these announcements will occur will be publicized closer to the time of those announcements.

In the meantime, more information about Hershey’s Chocolatetown can be found on Hersheypark’s website at www.hersheypark.com/chocolatetown.

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