Hersheypark openings in the 21st Century

1999 was the last year Hersheypark has opened in May. Since the year 2000, with the notable exception of 2018 and 2020, Hersheypark has opened in April each season. This was due to Hersheypark introducing a spring shoulder season called Springtime in the Park. Started as a one weekend event in April, it was eventually expanded to two weekends and later three. In 2023, Springtime in the Park was replaced by Spring Weekends, which results in the park schedule being continuous from April (or possibly March should the calendar align such) until New Years Day.

Hersheypark advert from April 3, 2008 in the Lebanon Daily News, page 2B.

In 2018, the calendar worked out that Easter was the last weekend of March. As a result, Hersheypark opened on March 30, the earliest ever open the park has ever had.

But, two years later, in 2020, the park had its latest opening ever. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Springtime in the Park was cancelled, and the start of the summer season was postponed. Finally, on July 3, Hersheypark opened. This was the only time Hersheypark had never been operation in May or June since 1905, the year before the park opened.

Hersheypark advert from Facebook in 2020.
2000April 21
2001April 13
2002April 13
2003April 18
2004April 9
2005April 9
2006April 14
2007April 6
2008April 5
2009April 10
2010April 2
2011April 16
2012April 6
2013April 5
2014April 12
2015April 3
2016April 2
2017April 7
2018March 30
2019April 6
2020July 3
2021April 2
2022April 2
2023Slated to open April 1

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