Hersheypark Update | October 23, 2018

It’s been 20 days since Hersheypark announced the Hershey’s Chocolatetown expansion project. In the past few days, preparations have gotten underway for the main construction effort which will begin in January.

Section of parking lot closed

One significant change that has been made is that the section of the parking lot between Hersheypark Stadium and the Ice Palace / Hersheypark Arena is now temporarily closed and fenced off for Chocolatetown construction.

2018-10 Parking map
A section of the updated Hersheypark parking map , showing the lot temporarily closed.
2018-10-22 Construction Work 019
This construction fencing was installed on October 22.

2018-10-22 Construction Work 015.jpg

Park perimeter fencing along Park Boulevard

A number of stakes have appeared along Park Boulevard and Chocolate World Way. These stakes are marking locations for a perimeter fence for the park. The markers stretch from 108 Chocolate World Way (formerly known as 300 Park Boulevard, or the Hershey Park Golf Club Clubhouse) out to the intersection with Park Boulevard, and then down Park Boulevard, and then turning northeast into the former Golf Club property. Materials, such as fence poles, have already been dropped off at a few locations.

2018-10-22 Fence Marker 001
This stake notes this is a fence corner – on Chocolate World Way next to the parking lot for 108 Chocolate World Way.
2018-10-22 Fence Marker 006
Here is another fence marker, at the intersection of Chocolate World Way and Park Boulevard.
2018-10-22 Fence Marker 013
Here you can see stakes for fence markers going down Park Boulevard toward downtown Hershey.
2018-10-22 Fence Marker 009
Here you can see where the fence line turns to the northeast deeper into the old Golf Club. Land clearing began in the last week.

General construction

As seen in the picture above, there has been some land clearing so the new perimeter fence can be installed. There are some construction vehicles on site, of course, since work has already begun here.

2018-10-22 Construction Work 004
Construction equipment on site.

2018-10-22 Construction Work 007

2018-10-22 Construction Work 010.jpg

2018-10-22 Construction Work 002.jpg

In addition to this work, the old Park Boulevard bridge was reinforced to better handle construction traffic.

2018-10-22 Construction Work 012

Be sure to check back in the future for more photos of construction work and other updates related to the expansion of Hersheypark!

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