Hersheypark plans to expand 23 acres

On June 5, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company, owner of Hersheypark, presented Plat #1298, Preliminary/Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Hersheypark 2020 Attraction to the Derry Township Planning Commission. This is a 23-acre expansion of Hersheypark – the first such expansion of the park’s property since the Midway America theme region was constructed in the late 1990s.

Hersheypark 2020 Attraction

The plat Hershey Entertainment & Resorts provided did not include specific details about new rides or other attractions, though a major attraction (or attractions) is surely to be included in the 2020 Attraction plan. What was said is that there will be a new entrance for Hersheypark, with several buildings being constructed, along with Tram Circle being altered and improved.

2017-05-04 Hersheypark Entrance
The current entrance of Hersheypark, formerly known as Tudor Castle; constructed in 1973.

While specifics were not given, it’s clear that if a new entrance gate is to be constructed, then the current main gate – formerly known as Tudor Castle – would have to be torn down. All of the buildings in the former Tudor Square region were constructed in 1973; when the region was converted into Founder’s Way in 2014, this rendered the old Tudor Square theming unnecessary. Is it possible that all of the old structures will be removed? That remains to be seen. The plat was approved by the Planning Commission pending updates.

The park is also in the process of applying for various Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection permits related to the expansion project, as was mentioned in Dauphin County Board of Commissioners meeting minutes in late 2017 and early 2018. Permits are required for work around Spring Creek to ensure the creek isn’t damaged by pollution from construction and other things built in, near, or around the creek.

According to a PennLive.com article by Sue Gleiter, “the improvements are expected to start in 2019.” The 23 acre expansion appears to have “more than three acres in a floodway,” which may restrict what rides or attractions are constructed in the expansion region.  Part of the 23 acres is formerly part of Parkview Golf Course, which operated from 1930-2005.

PennLive posted a second article which included screenshots of part of the plan to expand the park. The plan clearly shows the outline of the proposed main attraction of the expansion, the 2020 Attraction – a roller coaster. The path of the roller coaster is highlighted below.

2020 Hersheypark coaster
Screenshot via PennLive.com

FAA Letter of Determination

In July 2018, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company received a letter of determination from the Federal Aviation Administration, finding that the 2020 Attraction, reaching a height of 220 feet, did not exceed obstruction standards and would not be a hazard to air navigation, provided the structure is marked in accordance with FAA Advisory circular 70/7460-1L-Change 1, Obstruction Marking and Lighting, red lights – Chapters 4 & 5(Red), & 12.

2018-07-13 Letter [302634041]

Parkview Early History

Parkview was originally named Hershey Park Golf Club. The course was one of two courses announced in October 1928, which were designed by Maurice J. McCarthy. The other course was called Hershey Country Club, using Milton S. Hershey’s mansion as it’s clubhouse. Hershey Country Club was designed to be a private club, so Hershey Park Golf Club was designed to be a public club.

1970 circa Hershey Park Golf Club map
Hershey Park Golf Club course map and rules, circa 1969. It was renamed Parkview Golf Course in 1970.

Construction was well under way by January 1930, with part of the club house for Hershey Park Golf Club constructed. The Spring Creek Golf Course opened in April 1930, while Hershey Country Club opened in May. Hershey Park Golf Club opened in July 1930.

Bibliography for Parkview Early History

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