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Hersheypark takes home 4 Brass Ring awards

Congratulations to Hersheypark for picking up a few Brass Ring awards at IAAPA 2017!

Congratulations to Hersheypark for winning several 2017 Brass Ring awards, which were announced at the IAAPA convention in Orlando, Florida, on November 15.

Hersheypark won two awards for BBLz, one for a show in the Music Box Theater and one for the best radio or streaming audio commercial.  Three of the categories were the Annual Attendance More than 1 Million except Best Theatrical Production, which was under Annual Attendance 1,000,001 – 2,999,999 category. (Hersheypark has averaged right around 3 million attendees the last several seasons.)

  • Best New Innovation in Food and Beverage: “BBLz”
  • Best New Menu Item: “BBLz”
  • Best Theatrical Production“Dance, Dance, Dance: Heartbeat”
  • Best Radio or Streaming Audio Commercial

The full list of Brass Ring Award winners can be found here.

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