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The Amusement Parkives on Facebook

Did you know The Amusement Parkives has a Facebook page? I know this will get shared directly to the page itself, so if you’re seeing this through the page, then yes, you certainly know about it!

But for others, I wanted to share that the Facebook page has been around for a little over a year, and I do share some content there that I don’t normally share on the website here.

Below are several examples of some content you might be missing if you’re not following (by following the page or giving the page a like) The Amusement Parkives on Facebook. This includes an upcoming book to be published about Pittsburg’s Luna Park, The Dark Ride Project, Bushkill Park, Conneaut Lake Park, and The Wild One turned 100.

Be sure to head over to The Amusement Parkives Facebook page for more content that can be seen through connections on Facebook!

I have a wide variety of interests, from sports to politics, music to Star Trek. I write about the history of amusement parks on my website, The Amusement Parkives, which I founded in 2016.

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