Wapello Fabrications Company, Inc.

This is my regular Tuesday series about ride manufacturers who have made rides for Hersheypark. Today’s article is about Wapello Fabrications Company. 

Wapello Fabrications Company, Incorporated (WAFABCO), is based in Wapello, Iowa, and was founded by June Hardin in 1974. The company produces kiddie inflatable rides, the kinds you could get into and bounce up and down in.

Hersheypark owned one of WAFABCO’s rides, purchasing one called Moonwalk in 1996. The ride was installed in the park for a time starting in 1999, through 2003, and was used for Hersheypark In The Dark and was in Santa’s Castle during Hersheypark Christmas Candylane.

Moonwalk on a 2003 map of Hersheypark.

Eventually, Hersheypark discontinued using the ride during Christmas Candylane and the ride was removed from the park.

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