TBT #32 | Hersheypark 1983 updates

In 1983, Hersheypark introduced a new ride which replaced the Monster – Tilt-A-Whirl. The park also introduced a new restaurant – Tudor Rose Grill. This was the season following the introduction of two new rides in Spring Creek Hollow and the CinemaVision theater in Odyssey Alley – both regions were new named areas for 1982, but not considered themed areas.

This can be seen no further than a description of Hersheypark and it’s theme areas from the 1983 press kit. A section titled “If you could picture Hersheypark…” lists all seven theme areas, and makes a reference to Spring Creek Hollow, the last such reference to the name of that area. (From 1984-1989, the name Spring Creek Hollow doesn’t exist – in 1990, the area is named Comet Hollow.)

On another section describing amenities in Hersheypark, the Lost Children’s Caboose is mentioned. It is mentioned being located in Odyssey Alley.

1983 Hersheypark Press Kit Amenities
From a section of the press kit about park amenities, you can spot a rare reference to “Odessey Alley” (spelled Odyssey Alley on the 1982-84 Hersheypark Souvenir Map Book).

Tudor Rose Tavern was a retheming of a restaurant in the Tudor Square area of the park. Prior to this point the restaurant didn’t get much promotion or attention. This became the park’s first proper indoor, sit-down restaurant upon being converted into the Tudor Rose. In later years, it would be renamed Pippin’s, Tudor Grill, and Hersheypark Place.

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