KL Industries

This is my regular Tuesday series about ride manufacturers who have made rides for Hersheypark. Today’s article is about KL Industries. 

In 1982, Hersheypark renovated the hollow into Spring Creek Hollow. One of the rides added were Paddleboats. This ride was manufactured by KL Industries, of Muskegon, Michigan.

The paddleboats Hersheypark had were of KL’s Sundolphin brand, the first year KL began making these kind of boats. The boats Hersheypark had were a Sun Dolphin 3 seater pedal boat. KL continues making these kind of boats, as well as a variety of other boats under several other brands.

Paddleboats storage
Boats for Paddleboats in the storage area, 2006.
Paddleboats docks
Paddleboats dry dock and wet dock, 2006.
1985 circa Paddleboats
Paddleboats were originally orange, to fit the orange theming of Spring Creek Hollow, circa 1985.

Paddleboats was an extra-charge ride, meaning you had to pay money in order to ride it. The ride typically cost five dollars per rider over the years. In the ride’s final season, 2006, it cost six dollars per rider.

When a group would pay to ride the Paddleboats, you would then go to the dock where there was a floating dock. Boats would be loaded between the dry tock and floating dock. Attendants would help keep the boat steady so guests could get in the boat. Up to three people were allowed in a boat. You were permitted to boat from the low bridge near Comet all the way to Comet’s bridge over Spring Creek. There were signs at either end of the area which told people to not go beyond those points.

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