Frontier Meeting House | 1987-1989

In 1984, Arrow Huss, Inc. (the successor company to Arrow Development Company when Huss purchased Arrow in 1981) introduced the Magic Room.

Magic Room (Arrow Huss Inc.)
Arrow Huss Magic Room as listed in a 1985 Arrow Huss, Inc. catalog.

A version of the Magic Room was purchased by Hersheypark in 1986, and opened for the 1987 season. This was placed in the CinemaVision building. The ride operated such that the walls of the room would rotate while the seats in the center wouldn’t move. The ride had a 19th century western theme and it was given the name Frontier Meeting House. The western theme was chosen to fit in with the Pioneer Frontier theme of the surrounding area.

“Existing Magic Ride” – Frontier Meeting House.

Here is a description of Frontier Meeting House from the now defunct website Past Rides:

Themed as a western meeting house of the late 19th century, complete with a piano player, stove sitter, and choir, accompanied by a speaker preaching the evils of gold mining. Eventually an underground mine was seen by riders, where gold miners were attacked by the “demons of greed.”
Past Rides

1987 Souvenir map A
1987 Souvenir map showing Frontier Meeting House.

The ride remained in Hersheypark through the 1989 season. The ride was removed and evidently sold to a park in China. It is unknown whether the ride remains in operation to this day.

The building was converted into an arcade after the ride was removed. It was called the Double R-Cade and is currently called Playdome Arcade.

1990 Souvenir map A
1990 Souvenir map showing Double R-Cade.

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