Twin Turnpike

Hersheypark has had 5 different Turnpike rides over the years. This is the final article in this series and is about the existing two Turnpike rides, Twin Turnpike. 

Hersheypark planned to install the Twin Turnpike in 1974. Due to economic issues of the time, the R. Duell plan for Hersheypark was modified significantly. This included delaying the installation of Twin Turnpike and Kissing Tower to the 1975 season. Twin Turnpike was part of the new Tower Plaza area which became part of Minetown in 1990, and Kissing Tower Hill in 2014.

The idea of the Twin Turnpike was that it would have an Arrow Development antique car and an Arrow Development sports car, similar to what the Turnpike (1960-1973) had. Unlike the Turnpike, this ride would have a center rail instead of outside rails. This reduced damage to the cars quite significantly. The cars were gas powered.

The Twin Turnpike, as seen in 2016. You can see how the cars are guided by a center rail to prevent damage to the cars.

The two courses were laid out parallel to each other, with a twin station. The track was a big oval, shaped like a dog leg. There are several hills on the ride, making the ride a little more difficult for smaller children.

There are separate entrances for the Antique Cars and the Sports Cars. Over the years, the ride has been sponsored by Sunoco.

In 2003, an on-ride photo was added. This required the roofs to be taken off the antique cars. In 2018, the Antique Cars were replaced with a new fleet of cars manufactured by Gould Manufacturing.

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