Video | Hersheypark Map & Souvenir Book 1982-1984

Episode 2 of this video series is about the 1982-1984 Hersheypark Map & Souvenir Book. This was first printed in 1982 and was continued to be sold through 1984. The book I have has coupons good only for the 1983 season.

No other books like this have been seen, leading me to believe that due to low sales, the 1982 edition continued to be sold through 1984 despite updates to the park. It certainly had to be removed from sale after the 1984 season due to the completion of Pioneer Frontier in 1985.

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1 thought on “Video | Hersheypark Map & Souvenir Book 1982-1984”

  1. Hi Harry – Just found this via your Flickr note. Looks great, will explore. Sorry I’m so late getting to this.

    Boy, seeing the color shot (above) of Laughland was a rush, I still remember those reds and yellows!

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