A Note About Intamin

There has been confusion surrounding Intamin. I’ve been guilty of this myself, as I’ve confused the manufacturer of certain rides with the supplier of certain rides. The supplier is Intamin, the manufacturer is varying. This article should resolve that confusion.

From the company’s founding until 1993-1994, Intamin did not manufacture their own rides, they sold rides to parks on behalf of manufacturers. Intamin worked as a middleman between the amusement park and the manufacturer to make life easier for everyone. This was an effective relationship: Intamin sold hundreds of rides.

Here is a list of rides Intamin has supplied to Hersheypark:

  • Giant Wheel
  • Sky Ride
  • Kissing Tower
  • sooperdooperLooper
  • Canyon River Rapids
  • Storm Runner
  • Fahrenheit
  • Skyrush

Here is a list of the rides manufactured by Intamin:

  • Storm Runner
  • Fahrenheit
  • Skyrush

Here is a list of manufacturers of the other rides:

  • Giant Wheel – Waagner-Biro AG
  • Sky Ride – Doppelmayr
  • Kissing Tower – Waagner-Biro AG
  • sooperdooperLooper – Schwarzkopf
  • Canyon River Rapids – Hafema

It should also be noted that there’s never been any confusion regarding this surrounding sooperdooperLooper. Anton Schwarzkopf made sure his company’s nameplate was on his rides. This significantly helped to avoid confusion, something which I have no doubt was exactly what he wanted.

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