Hersheypark ’74 commercial

1974-05-14 The Gettysburg Times (Page 4)In 1974, Hersheypark opened on May 18. Three new rides were introduced: Mini Comet, Sky Ride, and Trailblazer. Mini Comet was only in the park through the 1978 season. Sky Ride remained in the park through the 1991 season. Trailblazer is still in operation today. The park also increased the number of restaurant locations to six. Also, the 1974 season appears to be the first season Hersheypark produced a souvenir map.

This was the only season since 1960 that the park did not have a Turnpike ride. The Turnpike was removed after the 1973 season, in part because the Twin Turnpike and Kissing Tower were originally due to be installed for the 1974 season. Due to economic conditions, these two rides were postponed to the 1975 season, and the Turnpike was still removed.

Here is a 10 second commercial advertising the opening of the 1974 season at Hersheypark. I have added this video to the Hersheypark History Playlist I maintain on YouTube. If you are interested in seeing any other videos on that playlist (there are about 50 currently), click here.

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