Ride manufacturers

Garbrick Amusements, Inc.

Lewis Henry Garbrick operated a dairy in his hometown of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. This dairy, called Garbrick & Son Dairy, closed in 1937. Garbrick left the dairy business to start a new manufacturing company called Garbrick Manufacturing Company. This company would go on to be best known as Garbrick Rides. History Garbrick’s son, Lewis Ardell …

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Aero Joy Plane Company

The Aero Joy Plane Company was an amusement ride manufacturer that existed from 1917 to approximately 1935. Incorporation On August 22, 1916, a new Pennsylvania state charter was issued to a company called Auto Joy Plane Company, based in Homestead. The company was incorporated with a capital of $10,000 ($237,319 in 2020 US dollars). The …

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Hersheypark’s Carrousel | 1945 – present

The featured photo above is courtesy of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company. Ride The New Carrousel On Sunday, May 20, 1945, a mere twelve days after Germany surrendered to the Allies in World War II, the venerable carousel known as PTC #47, began to operate in Hersheypark. This carousel was much more impressive than its …

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