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List of Rides | 1991-2017

Note: This list is organized by “Ride name”: “Year Installed”-“Year Removed”; “Manufacturer”. 

Sidewinder: 1991-operating; Vekoma.

Tidal Force: 1994-operating; Hopkins Rides.

Tiny Tracks: 1995-operating; Zamperla.

Placed in storage from 2012-2014, reinstalled in park in late 2014.

Moonwalk: 1996-2007; Wapello Fabrications.

Wildcat: 1996-operating; Great Coasters International, Inc.

Fender Bender: 1997-operating; Reverchon.

Ferris Wheel (1997): 1997-operating; Chance Rides.

Whip: 1997-operating; Rideworks, Inc.

Great Bear: 1998-operating; Bolliger & Mabillard.

Merry Derry Dip Fun Slides – Trailer model: 1998-operating; Frederiksen Industries.

Operated in the fall of 1998 for shoulder season events. Incorporated with a park model in 1999.

Chaos: 1999-2005; Chance Rides.

Frog Hopper: 1999-operating; S&S – Sansei Technologies.

Merry Derry Dip Fun Slides – Park model: 1999-operating; Frederiksen Industries.

Music Express: 1999-operating; Moser Rides.

Western Chute-Out: 1999-2007; ProSlide Technology.

Wild Mouse: 1999-operating; Mack Rides.

Crazy Climber: 2000-2005; PlaySmart, Inc.

Lightning Racer: 2000-operating; Great Coasters International, Inc.

Tiger’s Tail: 2000-2007; Leisure Activities.

Mini Pirate: 2002-operating; SBF VISA Group.

Operated for 2002 Christmas Candylane, permanently installed in 2003. 

Mini Scrambler: 2002-operating; Eli Bridge Company.

Operated for 2002 Christmas Candylane, permanently installed in 2003. 

Roller Soaker: 2002-2012; Setpoint.

The Claw: 2003-operating; Chance Rides.

Frontier Flyers: 2003-operating; Larson International.

Storm Runner: 2004-operating; Intamin AG.

Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge: 2006-operating; Sally Corporation.

Bayside Pier: 2007-operating; Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company.

Coastline Plunge | Riptide: 2007-operating; ProSlide Technology.

Coastline Plunge | Surge: 2007-operating; ProSlide Technology.

Coastline Plunge | Vortex: 2007-operating; ProSlide Technology.

Coastline Plunge | Whirlwind: 2007-operating; ProSlide Technology.

East Coast Waterworks: 2007-operating; WhiteWater West.

Sandcastle Cove: 2007-operating; Creative Environs.

Waverider: 2007-operating; Aquatic Development Group.

Fahrenheit: 2008-operating; Intamin AG.

The Howler: 2008-operating; Wisdom Industries.

Intercoastal Waterway: 2009-operating; Water Technology, Inc.

The Shore: 2009-operating; Water Technology, Inc.

Skyrush: 2012-operating; Intamin AG.

Coastline Plunge | Hydro: 2013-operating; ProSlide Technology.

Coastline Plunge | Pipeline: 2013-operating; ProSlide Technology.

Shoreline Sprayground: 2013-operating; Emerald FX.

Cocoa Cruiser: 2014-operating; Zamperla.

Sweet Swing: 2014-operating; Zamperla.

Tea Cups: 2014-operating; Zamperla.

Laff Trakk: 2015-operating; Maurer AG.

Hershey Triple Tower |  Hershey’s Tower: 2017-operating; S&S – Sansei Technologies.

Hershey Triple Tower | Hershey Kisses Tower: 2017-operating; S&S – Sansei Technologies.

Hershey Triple Tower | Reese’s Tower: 2017-operating; S&S – Sansei Technologies.

No rides are currently under construction.

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