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List of Rides | 1941-1970

Note: This list is organized by “Ride name”: “Year Installed”-“Year Removed”; “Manufacturer”. 

Laugh Land: 1940-1965; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Aerial Joy Ride: 1941-1961; Spillman Engineering Corporation.

Carrousel (1945): 1945-operating; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Comet: 1946-operating; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Funland: 1946-1972; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Cuddle Up: 1947-1977; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Horse and Buggy: 1949-1971; Harry Travers Company.

Lucas Motor Boat Ride: 1949-1971; J.L. Lucas Manufacturing Company.

Twin Ferris Wheels (#1): 1950-1974; Eli Bridge Company.

Twin Ferris Wheels (#2): 1950-1974; Eli Bridge Company.

Miniature Train: 1952-2014; Miniature Train Corporation.

Was removed from park 1972-1983; operated in Christmas Candylane 1984-1995.

Kiddie Turnpike: 1955-1967; B.A. Schiff & Associates.

Ferris Wheel (1959): 1959-1971; Allan Herschell Company.

Turnpike: 1960-1973; Streifthau Manufacturing Company.

Bizzy Bees: 1961-operating; Hampton Amusement Corporation.

Also named Jets and Furry Tale Flyers. 

Dizzy Drums: 1961- operating; Hampton Amusement Corporation.

Also named Tubs-O-Fun.

Dry Gulch Railroad: 1961-operating; Crown Metal Products.

OutBoard Motor Boats: 1962-1984; Hampton Amusement Corporation.

Starship America: 1962-operating; Kasper Klaus.

Also named Aero-Jet. 

Auto Skooters: 1963 (circa) -1977; Lusse Brothers, Incorporated.

Lost River: 1963-1972; Outdoor Dimensional Display Company.

Flying Coaster: 1964-1972; Aeroassociates, Incorporated.

Golden Nugget: 1964-1972; Outdoor Dimensional Display Company.

Helicopters: 1964-operating; Allan Herschell Company.

Wells Cargo: 1964-2003; W.F. Mangels Company.

Also named Whipperoo and Kiddie Whip. 

Space Age: 1965-operating; Hampton Amusement Corporation.

Skyview: 1966-operating; Universal Design Limited.

Tip-Top: 1966-1979; Frank Hrubetz & Company.

Paratrooper: 1967-1977; Frank Hrubetz & Company.

Round Up: 1968-1977; Frank Hrubetz & Company.

Traffic Jam: 1968-operating; Hampton Amusement Corporation.

Monorail: 1969-operating; Universal Mobility.

Became a Hersheypark ride in 1973. 

Magic Carpet Giant Slide: 1969-1972; Aero Mar Plastics.

Little Red Caboose: 1970; Reading Railroad.

Rotor: 1970-1994; Chance Rides.

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