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List of Rides | 1906-1940

Note: This list is organized by “Ride name”: “Year Installed”-“Year Removed”; “Manufacturer”. 

Carrousel (1908): 1908-1912; Herschell-Spillman Company.

Steel Row Boats: 1908-unknown; Michigan Steel Boat Company.

Miniature Railroad: 1910-1971; Ernest H. Miller.

Carrousel (1912): 1912-1944; Dentzel Carousel Company.

Shoot the Chute (1914): 1914-1923; Hershey Improvement Company.

Water Coaster / Shoot the Chute (1920): 1920-1928; Hershey Improvement Company.

The Wild Cat: 1923-1945; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Originally called The Joy Ride from 1923-1935. 

Airplane Swing: 1926-1960; Allan Herschell Company.

Originally called Aeroplane Swing.

Ferris Wheel (1926): 1926-1960; Allan Herschell Company.

Skooter: 1926-1930; Lusse Brothers.

Sailboats: 1928-1975; Allan Herschell Company.

Mill Chute: 1929-1962; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Funhouse: 1930-1937; James A. Fields.

Bike Boats: 1931-1945; Bike Boat, Ltd.

The Pretzel: 1931-1963; Pretzel Amusement Ride Company.

Giant Toboggan Slide: 1931-1941; Hershey Improvement Company.

The Bug: 1933-1981; Traver Engineering Company.

Speedboat: 1933-1941; Chris-Craft Boats.

The boat was named Miss Marguerite. 

Automobile: 1935-1975; Allan Herschell Company.

Custer Car Ride: 1936-1945; Custer Specialty Company.

Paddle-About: 1936-1945; Custer Specialty Company.

The Whip: 1937-1975; W.F. Mangels Company.

Auto Skooters: 1938-1977; Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Lusse Brothers.

Death Valley Fun House: 1938-1939; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Whoops: 1938-1945; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Laughland: 1940-1965; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

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