WVP Rides

Aero Joy Plane Company

The Aero Joy Plane Company was an amusement ride manufacturer that existed from 1917 to approximately 1935. Incorporation On August 22, 1916, a new Pennsylvania state charter was issued to a company called Auto Joy Plane Company, based in Homestead. The company was incorporated with a capital of $10,000 ($237,319 in 2020 US dollars). The …

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´╗┐Ride-N-Laff at West View Park | 1938 – 1963

In 1938, West View Park purchased a new dark ride, Ride-N-Laff. It was installed and opened on May 8, 1938, the first day of the 1938 operating season. Ride-N-Laff was manufactured by the Ralph E. Chambers Engineering Company (commonly called R.E. Chambers Company) of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The Chambers company was the successor company to …

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Katzenjammer Castle | 1907-1914

Katzenjammer Castle was a type of funhouse that was commonly seen in the 1890s through the 1910s. West View Park‘s version was constructed by T.M. Harton Company as part of the updates for West View’s second season of operations, in 1907. Katzenjammer is a German word meaning hangover. Alternatively, katzenjammer can also mean confusion, which …

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