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TBT #25 | 1982 Spring Creek Hollow renovation

In 1982, Hersheypark made its first significant update to an area adjacent to Comet known as the hollow, since Comet was built in 1946. In the 1950s and 1960s, this area was referred as the park’s “amusement center.” While some adjustments were made in 1973 with the relocation of the Whip, the renovation in 1982

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Canyon River Rapids | 1987-2008

Canyon River Rapids was installed in the Pioneer Frontier section of Hersheypark for the 1987 season. This was the first major ride added to the park since the addition of sooperdooperLooper for the 1977 season. Hersheypark added 5 acres of land with the addition of the new ride. The ride was purchased at a cost

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Minetown | Theme region in Hersheypark

In the plans to renovate Hersheypark that were created by R. Duell & Associates, they were planning to create a bunch of different theme areas in the park. One such area, seen below, was a Pennsylvania Mining Town. This was called Minetown. Minetown was originally part of Phase 3 of the renovation project, scheduled to

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Kiddie Turnpike | 1955 – 1967

Hersheypark has had 5 different Turnpike rides over the years. This article is about the second Turnpike ride Kiddie Turnpike.  Kiddie Turnpike was the first ride added to the North Kiddieland section of the park. North Kiddieland wouldn’t start to be formed for nearly a decade after, however. Kiddie Turnpike was manufactured by B.A. Schiff &

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