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Antonio Zamperla, S.p.A.

This is my regular Tuesday series about ride manufacturers who have made rides for Hersheypark. This article is about the company, Antonio Zamperla, S.p.A.. Zamperla is a ride manufacturer founded by Antonio Zamperla in 1966. This year marks the company’s 50th year in business. Antonio Zamperla founded the company based on the idea that adult rides

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Kiddie Turnpike | 1955 – 1967

Hersheypark has had 5 different Turnpike rides over the years. This article is about the second Turnpike ride Kiddie Turnpike.  Kiddie Turnpike was the first ride added to the North Kiddieland section of the park. North Kiddieland wouldn’t start to be formed for nearly a decade after, however. Kiddie Turnpike was manufactured by B.A. Schiff &

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Carrousel Circle | 1972-2004

This area of the park still exists today, but it is now part of Founders Way. And though it was renamed and renovated into Founders Circle in 2005, many people still call it Carrousel Circle. This is what today’s post is about – the first major addition to Hersheypark in the modern era. Carrousel Circle

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