Author: Harry Michelson

Cinema Vision theater

CinemaVision 1982

Cinema Vision operated in Hersheypark from 1982 to 1985 in what is the Pioneer Frontier region, today.


2018 in Review

Happy New Year’s Eve! As done in 2017, here is a look back at the top 10 articles published on The Amusement Parkives during the year. These are ranked by number of views. There is also a list of other notable articles worth reading. The Top 10 Hersheypark plans to expand 23 acres Hersheypark to introduce Reese’s

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Hersheypark in 1968

The featured photo above is courtesy the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society. If you are interested in looking at more photos in their collection, check out the Historical Society’s Online Collections Database after reading this article! On April 21, it was the 50th anniversary of the opening of Hersheypark for its 1968 season. This was Hersheypark’s

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Tear Gas from Police Training Drifts into Hersheypark

Just down the road from Hersheypark, on Hersheypark Drive, is the Pennsylvania State Police Academy. It is located on the same hill as The Hotel Hershey and Catherine Hall, part of Milton Hershey School. On Wednesday, December 19, tear gas from a training drill at the Academy blew into the Midway America section of Hersheypark.

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