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2017 in Review

With the year coming to a close, here is a look back at the top 10 articles published on The Amusement Parkives in the year.

I’ve also included another list of some notable articles worth looking at, as well as the biographical profiles which were published earlier this year.

The Top 10

  1. The entrances of Hersheypark
  2. Miniature Train Company
  3. Monorail Track Relocation update
  4. The Opening of West View Park
  5. Monorail | Hersheypark
  6. More Hersheypark Monorail History
  7. BBLz
  8. What Could Have Been | Hersheypark in the mid-1980s
  9. Roller Coasters in 1883
  10. Pittsburgh Exposition roller coasters

Other articles of note


Here are the three biographical profiles published on the site. More profiles will be published in 2018.





Harry Michelson View All

I have a wide variety of interests, from sports to politics, music to Star Trek. I write about the history of amusement parks. Right now I am focused on Hersheypark.

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