Makin’ Whoopie Pies

Makin’ Whoopie Pies is a food franchise that specializes in creating customized, made-to-order whoopie pies (also known as gobs, in western Pennsylvania). The concept was started by Josh Mellinger in 2014. Mellinger is a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

A whoopie pie is simply two shells made of cake with a bunch of icing stuffed in between – just like an ice cream sandwich. The story goes that the name whoopie pie comes from Amish children who would get excited and shout “Whoopie!” when they would see these treats in their lunch.

Mellinger was able to sell the concept to Hersheypark; Makin’ Whoopie Pies was placed in the food building adjacent Balloon Flite which houses Famous Famiglia in Founder’s Way.

On April 11, 2015, they had a special event for the media, which was featured in their first tweets from their Twitter account. Makin’ Whoopie Pies proved to be popular, and so they added a new flavor in July 2015. They also had special flavors for Hersheypark In The Dark and Hersheypark Christmas Candylane that debuted for their first time in those events.

On November 18, 2015,  International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) announced their annual Brass Ring Awards. Under the section, “Food and Beverage Excellence,” Makin’ Whoopie Pies won for Best New Menu Item. This was a significant accomplishment both for Hersheypark and Mellinger.

For the 2016 season, Mellinger and Hersheypark added a second Makin’ Whoopie Pies stand, in The Boardwalk, pretty much right underneath Tidal Force.

This new location featured new menu items: smoothies and ice cream sandwiches. They also added new whoopie pie flavors, including mint. With continued success in Hersheypark, Mellinger worked to add new Makin’ Whoopie Pie franchises.

In March 2017, Mellinger started a new Delaware company, La Vida Lekker LLC, with Greg Lewis, a retired Marine Corps officer. This enabled Mellinger to open up his first location outside Hersheypark – and Pennsylvania – in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new franchise occurred on June 23, 2017.

You can read more about Makin’ Whoopie Pies on their website:

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