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Moon Rocker at Knoebels | 1954 – c1958

I was recently asked about a dinosaur themed ride that was at Knoebels. Let’s take a look at the history of the ride called Moon Rocker. 

According to PennLive, the Moon Rocker was added to Knoebels in 1954. The ride was dinosaur themed.

A photo of Moon Rocker is the bottom right image in this Twitter post by PennLive celebrating Knoebels’ 90th anniversary. Someone replied to this post asking about the dinosaur ride, and Knoebels responded.

It’s unclear how long the ride was in the park. It was still in the park in 1958, per this advertisement for the park’s 1958 season.

1958-09-12 [Hazleton, PA] Standard-Sentinel (p36)
Advert in the Hazleton, PA Standard-Sentinel, September 12, 1958, on page 36.
The ride was manufactured by Overland Amusements of Saugus, Massachusetts. This is the same manufacturer that made High Speed Thrill Coaster for Knoebels.

1956-01-21 The Billboard (p55)
Advert in The Billboard, from January 21, 1956, on page 55.

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