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Hersheypark Drive improvements

This was a news item I saw in today’s Derry Township (Dauphin County, PA) newsletter.

Improvements at Major Intersection to Begin on April 3rd

Kinsley Sitework has announced that work will begin at the intersection of Hersheypark Drive and Walton Avenue on April 3rd. The work will require lane closures for approximately four weeks. This work is related to a project designed to improve traffic flow and will include pedestrian enhancements.

Bear this construction in mind if you are going to Hersheypark for Springtime In The Park via US Route 322.

This intersection is the first traffic light you’ll come across as you head north toward the park. For those less familiar, notable landmarks you can see at this intersection includes the Cocoa Diner in one shopping center, and a second shopping center on the other side of Hersheypark Drive on top of a hill which includes a Panera Bread and a Five Guys restaurant. There is also a Bob Evans and an Applebee’s across from each other on the north side of the intersection.

HP Drive-Walton intersection [wide]
This is a map of the Hershey area. The light blue arrow on the bottom left points west to Hummelstown and Harrisburg. The red circle to the right of that is highlighting the area of construction – Hersheypark Drive and Walton Avenue. The blue circle at the top right is just to highlight Hersheypark’s location on the map.
HP Drive-Walton intersection
Here is a zoomed in version of the map. You can see Hersheypark Drive and Walton Avenue, as well as the Cocoa Diner and Panera Bread.

Hopefully traffic won’t be too bad, but this project is definitely necessary. During rush hour times, the Hersheypark Drive – Walton Avenue intersection gets very busy. And during the summer, those rush hour times expand for when the park closes and people make their way to the shopping centers there for food.

Hersheypark opens for Springtime in the Park on April 8.

Fun fact: While it is not uncommon for states to have multiple townships with the same name (there are 21 Madison Townships in Ohio, for example), there are two Derry Townships in Pennsylvania. The one mentioned in this article is in Dauphin County while the other Derry Township is located in Westmoreland County. Officially, Derry Township in Dauphin County operates under the name Township of Derry. 

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