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Mason Corporation

Rolling Rovers in 1990.

Today’s Manufacturing Series article is about Mason Corporation, a manufacturer of several different kinds of floor scooters and water slides.   

Mason Corporation sold one ride to Hersheypark, in 1988 – Rolling Rovers. The company is based in Brentwood, Tennessee, and was established in 1987. The company was incorporated by Dick  and Jules Mason. They offer several types of scooters for kids, one of which is the Roller Racer – the model Hersheypark operates.

Rolling Rovers was first placed on the Kissing Tower Hill side of the hollow, near the high bridge and the Amphitheater. There were 18 scooters. In 1996, Rolling Rovers was moved into the lower level of Fender Bender, after the kiddie bumper car ride Mini-Skooters were removed.

Rolling Rovers [large].jpg
Rolling Rovers, underneath Fender Bender, in 2016.
Rolling Rovers were placed in storage for a time in 2009 and early 2010 when the ride area was converted into a party room. This was removed and Rolling Rovers was reinstalled. The ride remained in the same location in the Fender Bender building until the end of the 2016 season.

Rolling Rovers was retired following that season. It was replaced with a set of SkeeBall games which had been relocated from the Overlook restaurant area.

SkeeBall [former Rovers] [Matthew Meckley]
SkeeBall now underneath Fender Bender. Photo courtesy of Matthew Meckley.

To read more about other ride manufacturers that have made rides for Hersheypark, click here.


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