TBT #26 | CinemaVision theater

Installed in 1982, CinemaVision was a kind of short film movie theater that was housed in a geodesic dome. This was built on the edge of the park, and the area surrounding it (later themed Music Box Way from 1990-2013) was named Odyssey Alley.

Hersheypark souvenir map - Odyssey Alley

Odyssey Alley as seen in the 1982-84 souvenir map book. CinemaVision is star number 10. 

This theater was somewhat akin to an IMAX theater. The screen went from the floor to the ceiling and was wide enough to have a 180 degree view. All of the movies were presented from the point-of-view, first person perspective. According to a post by Hersheypark on their Facebook page, films ranged from “simulated rides of a roller coaster to speeding down a busy road.”

Cinema Vision HP Post 2013 [large]

A screencapture of Hersheypark’s post about CinemaVision from November 27, 2013.

CinemaVision was only in the park for three seasons when it was replaced by an Arrow Magic Room called Frontier Meeting House. That ride was only in the park through the 1989 season when it was replaced and transformed into an arcade. This dome is still in the park today and continues to house an arcade.

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