Monster [Hersheypark] | 1972-1982

The Monster was a ride manufactured by Eyerly Aircraft Company. It was installed in Carrousel Circle in 1972 and was removed after the 1982 season.

The Monster was one of several types of rides Eyerly made for amusement parks. A very similar model to the Monster is the Spider. Spiders had 2 cars per arm, while Monsters had 4 cars per arm (Monster sets of four cars also spin, unlike the Spider). They were operationally the same, with the center of the ride manually controlled by an accelerator, and the “eccentric” – what made the arms go up and down – controlled by its own accelerator.

There was only one load position for each arm, meaning the ride had to be rotated to load and unload people from the ride. As a result, it took a long time for a cycle to start from loading the first car to the twenty-fourth. Hersheypark also experienced maintenance difficulties with the ride. Between these two issues, the park decided to replace the Monster with a Sellner Manufacturing Tilt-a-Whirl for the 1983 season.

Here is a video of the Monster, from 1975.

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