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Kiddie Turnpike | 1955 – 1967

Hersheypark has had 5 different Turnpike rides over the years. This article is about the second Turnpike ride Kiddie Turnpike. 

Kiddie Turnpike [large]Kiddie Turnpike was the first ride added to the North Kiddieland section of the park. North Kiddieland wouldn’t start to be formed for nearly a decade after, however. Kiddie Turnpike was manufactured by B.A. Schiff & Associates and installed in 1955. It had been a decade since a Turnpike ride had been in Hersheypark, and this one was for the little tikes.

There were a number of tiny cars that went around an electric track. Steering the car was not necessary, and the track was in the middle of the “road.” The ride was installed on top of what had been tennis courts and then a parking lot.

The Kiddie Turnpike remained in operation through the end of the 1967 season when it was removed. Hersheypark purchased a Kiddie Variety Ride called Motorcycles (later named Traffic Jam) manufactured by Hampton Amusement Corporation as a replacement for Kiddie Turnpike.

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