Rules & Regulations for Employees of Hershey Park 1937

Update: I thought I would share this post again since we are about a month away from the start of the upcoming season. This list of rules and regulations was from 1937, which is now 80 years ago. Enjoy this look back at this post from April 2016. 

Since this upcoming weekend is the opening weekend of the 2016 season for Hersheypark, I thought I’d write about something very interesting: the rules and regulations for Hershey Park employees in the 1937 season. This is from 79 years ago!

It is interesting to see what was required of an employee that season.

Rules and Regulations  –  –  –  –  –  Season 1937.

1937 Hershey Park Rules & Regulations [small]
From the Neil Fasnacht Collection
  • 1. All employees are subject to the orders of the department supervisor of the department in which they are working. The department supervisor will arrange working schedules for his or her department and these schedules must be adhered to.
  • 2. Employees must be neat in their personal appearance. Male employees must wear collars and ties and collars must be buttoned. Female employees will not be permitted to wear anklets while on dury [sic]. All employees must keep their hands and finger nails clean at all times.
  • 3. Smoking while on duty will not be permitted. Reading of books, magazines, etc., while on duty, or knitting, sewing, etc. is prohibited.
  • 4. Punching on time clock: Punch your own number only. Anyone punching any number excepting their own, without permission from the office, will be subject to dismissal.
  • 5. Employees making purchases must purchase the checks from the Cashier on duty at the stand or department where purchase is to be made and these park checks must be puchased at the same time you obtain goods. There will be no exceptions to the above and anyone violating this rule will be dismissed immediately.
  • 6. Be courteous to our patrons. In case of dissatisfaction or argument by the patron refer them to the Park Office. No employee shall participate in any arguments with patrons.
  • 7. ALL PURCHASES MUST BE MADE BY CHECK. No employee will be allowed to sell for cash, unless authorized to do so by the Management.
  • 8. In case of accident to yourself or Park patron, the office must be notified immediately. This is very important.
  • 9. All persons having charge of or working on rides or mechanical services must be alert and take every precaution to avoid accidents to the patrons and themselves.
  • 10. When calling at the Park Office for meal tickets, etc., the window marked “Employee’s Window” must be used.
  • 11. All employees must call at the office for their own meal tickets. Under no conditions will more than one meal ticket be issued to an individual.
  • 12. Employees coming to work in their automobiles will please park their cars on the parking ground and then ring on the time clock. When the day’s work is completed they will ring out and then obtain their auto. On Sundays and holidays no employee will be permitted to use the Paid Parking Lot.
  • All the above rules will be strictly enforced and we request that all employees do their utmost to carry them out. The obeying of these rules will save you from a vacation without pay or dismissal. Your signature at the Park Office is evidence that you have received a copy of these rules.
  • The Park has always been noted for its beauty and cleanliness and the Management has been complemented on the courteous and efficient service to patrons. Employees are requested to help in every way possible to help maintain this reputation.

Hershey Park

The most interesting thing to learn from this was that Hershey Park had a Paid Parking Lot in 1937 – something which employees were not permitted to use on Sundays and holidays. This is the earliest I’ve found Hersheypark to have a paid parking lot for guests – previously, I saw mention of a paid premium parking lot in Trailblazer Hollow in the late 1960s.

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